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PROLEARN is a 'Network of Excellence' financed by the IST (Information Society Technology - Contract number 507310) programme of the European commission dealing with technology enhanced professional learning.




EXPLAIN is a project for research and development of a process oriented authoring management platform, sponsored by the German Ministry of Economy (BmWi).








Beside learning and education I love art and design. Since New Media developement is a combination of mostly logical information science and the creative field of design I am working in a network together with creatives as a Flash developer. If your business or organisation needs an ambitioned web developer with long term flash and java skills please visit us at or contact me directly thru my contact form.


MILE (Multimedia Learning Enviroments)

The Institute for Fundamental Electrical Engineering and Electromagnetic Com-patibility of the Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg worked on a part of the MILE project sponsored by BMBF.
According to different parts in the curriculum several e-learning modules were produced in cooperation with the TU Ilmenau and the TU Dresden, and have been used by both students and teachers.
The production and evaluation of web based e-learning content, which could be used by the electrical engineering department as part of the teaching, was a treatment goal of the subproject.
The learning modules are Flash-based and thus conform with the Internet. Since it is not necessary to register the modules are freely accessible, and useable by students of the university of Magdeburg, as well as by other students. In order to make it easier for authors to produce e-learning content, an authoring tool has been developed. Design assets as well as programmed routines have been compiled to libraries for easy use by authors and developers.